Our Rating System

If you are an avid or just an occasional reader and you do not have a Goodreads account or you simply do not utilize an account you made years ago, we would suggest you do so! We love Goodreads because it allows us to keep lists of what we have read, when we read it, and what we thought of it as well as a list of what we would like to read. Another reason we love Goodreads is because of its rating system. Users from all over the world are able to rate a book to give it an average rating. We use this frequently when deciding what to read next. Pretty covers are pretty, but it’s nice to know what we’re investing in before we buy or spend time reading. Typically if a book has around a 3.8 or above, it’s likely it will be worth the time and money.

5 Stars
This is rare, but not elusive. These are reserved for books we believed were near perfect. These types of books don’t come along often, and being avid, sophisticated readers, we are hard to please. These are books that become our favorites, which we will try to force onto other people (even reluctant readers). 5-star books are ones almost anyone can enjoy, and books we are likely to pick up and read again in the future.

4 Stars
This is probably our most common rating, reserved for books that just missed the mark of being perfect (4.5s). Many of our favorite books only receive a 4-star rating, meaning we loved it but it had some flaw or detail keeping it off of the 5-star shelf. These books we highly enjoyed and will likely recommend to our friends, knowing someone less critical will probably see it as a 5-star book.

3 Stars
It was somewhat enjoyable, but we aren’t likely to recommend it to just anyone. When we don’t necessarily like a book or feel indifferent about it, but we appreciate the work and what it may offer to others, we give it a 3. These books tend to have a type, and in this case, we are not its type. The chances of reading its sequels may vary.

2 Stars
We didn’t like the plot, the writing style, or the characters, but it wasn’t a total waste. Somehow we managed to finish the book, but we will not read its sequels or recommend it to anyone. More than likely we will resell this book to a used book store and buy something more worthy of the shelf space. A 2-star rating is rare, but take into account the fact that we look at Goodreads ratings beforehand, so we usually don’t venture much lower than a 3.5 average.

1 Star
Unlikely, but possible. We hated this book to the point where we couldn’t finish it or we barely finished it. We typically don’t rate books we didn’t finish, but if we read more than 50% and then put it down, we may rate it just so everyone knows how much we hated it. We realize authors put valuable time into their work, so we are hesitant to issue a 1, however, it has happened. (Let it be known the only book Chelsea has ever rated as a 1 was Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.)

Many times we find we would like to award books with half stars, so if one of our reviews doesn’t seem to fit into our rating system, let us know, and we’d be more than happy to explain. Some books that receive a half-star from us get bumped up and some get bumped down, and there’s really no rhyme or reason to it.

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