Nonessentials to Scavenge During the Apocalypse

Kirsten and August’s scavenging in abandoned houses from Station Eleven really got us thinking about what we would search for in the wake of an apocalypse. What about our history would we like to preserve and pass on to our fellow troupe members? What would we use for entertainment?

First and foremost, books! Who would have guessed, right? Cliche, but necessary.  Probably in some sort of “lending library” fashion, we could take a new one and leave an old one behind. The most resilient form of sustainable entertainment!

Joe’s Apocalypse Scavenger List:

  • CDs:  It may be the apocalypse, but I’ve got to have some tunes to keep myself going. Even if it means hooking up a bike to a generator to produce electricity, you better believe I’m going to have a running cd player. It would be too hard to maintain an mp3 collection in a world without reliable electricity, so the compact disc wins out.
  • Pocket knives: It’s a little known fact that I like to collect pocket knives. Outside of the collectability factor, they’re also extremely efficient tools and can double for defense in a bind. It’s the Boy Scout in me ensuring that I can always “Be Prepared.”  Finding new ones is more than likely going to be easier than sharpening old ones.
  • Matches/Lighters: It’s a new age, and the ability to have fire at your fingertips is one worth having.  Whether it be for warmth, safety, or cooking, fire is an asset you don’t want to find yourself without.  (I think collecting lighters and matchbooks would be fun, too. When there’s no internet, a guy’s gotta have hobbies!)
  • Socks: Everyone else can get trench foot and die from infection, but not this guy! Warm, dry feet are a necessity in extreme survival situations. Also… I just like to wear different kinds of socks. Laugh at my polka-dots all you want; my feet feel fantastic.

Chelsea’s Apocalypse Scavenger List: 

  • Pilot G-2 pens/blank journals: As all of my students and teachers I work with know, I have to have my pens. I almost always have one in my pocket or close at-hand, and as hard as life would be during an apocalypse, I’m sure little luxuries like having my favorite pen on hand would give me a boost of positivity when making lists in my new journals.
  • Running gear: If we aren’t going anywhere and have made camp, I’d like to think I would still stick to my normal running routine. At this point it’s engrained in me. If we’re walking all over the earth, I definitely want to do my walking in my Brooks Ghosts. I’ll take the next best running shoe if I can’t find them, though. I think all the extra running gear (gloves, spandex, socks, shin sleeves) would make for smart clothing during a time like this, too.
  • Instant or film cameras: Since photography is one of my hobbies now, and I would want to remember my friends and family during this time as well, I don’t think searching for a camera would be a bad idea. It would be a fun hobby, and it might turn out to be a wise investment when trading with others. There probably won’t be too many people offering family portraits, so maybe cameras will be high in demand. Who knows?
  • Bobby pins/hair ties: This one is a no-brainer. It seems like even when I buy 100 of these, I’m down to only one in just a month. I would have the same need to put my hair up in a bun later as I do now, so it just make sense that I pick up any lose hair accessories when I can find them. If you have long hair, this make perfect sense.


We would be interested to know what our readers would scavenge for during an apocalypse as well. Please leave us some feedback so we can discuss. It could be important someday!



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